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Question of the Week

October 13, 2000


This week: People Watching

A note to writers out there...if you find that creative well starting to run dry, Hochiko Crossing is a virtual geyser bursting fourth with interesting characters for your next story. And isn't that one of the fun parts about traveling?...sometimes but mostly just seeing new people. Sure, there's architecture, art, natural wonders...blah, blah, blah. But it's the people who make a place come alive. They define the culture and give a city or town its personality. A few weeks ago I asked you to call in with your best people watching spot. And we got a lot of nominations...like this one. On a 48 hour trip from Akron to Phoenix, listener Tammy discovered that riding a Greyhound bus provides the perfect way to see people, at their best and their worse.

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Next Week: Dropping your blinders

If only world conflicts could be resolved with a simple bunny rabbit or french poodle. One can only dream. But let's face it, the people we should really send over there are the true masters of world diplomacy...our group tour guides. Imagine this: being in charge of a whole group of tourists from a variety of backgrounds -- geographically and mentally -- with the only shared interest being that you show them around the sites and give them an experience of a lifetime. Toss in the usual stress of travel and as a tour guide you can be sure conflict lurks right around the corner... like a surprise photo opp. I want to hear from all the tour guides among our listeners. Tell me about the worst, most horrible experience you ever had while conducting a tour. You tourists out there will get equal time on this one later. But, for now, I want to hear from the tour guides. No names...just the stories. Your worst, most horrible tour.Send us an email or call 888-SAV-TRAV(888-728-8728).


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