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Ted Conover

Interview: Dave Brubeck

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Jazz composer and pianist Dave Brubeck is known across the globe for his decades of innovative jazz piano. His most famous tune being "Take Five," recorded back in 1959. Now the life of a musician -- any musician -- is tough. Months on the road at a stretch, hotels, if you're lucky enough to enjoy a little success, otherwise it's cheap motels ... or worse, sleeping on the bus. Dave Brubeck has had, and continues to have, astonishing success. He recently received a Lifetime Achievement Award from the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences ... and, at eighty, he still tours the world ... he still composes hundreds of songs a year, and still follows a rigorous practice schedule -- four to five hours a day. But even after logging so much time out there, Dave Brubeck says his favorite spot "his unique Place of the Heart" is a small town in Connecticut, called Wilton. It's where he makes his home.

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