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Deal of the Week

October 13, 2000

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Dirt Cheap Adventure

Looking for some adventure on the cheap? Well, lace up those hiking boots and get ready to hit the trail! Imagine spending a week in Hawaii's exotic bamboo forests for only $75. That's just one example of an American Hiking Society Volunteer Vacation. Each year, this program sends volunteer trail crews into the nation's parks to do everything from installing trail markers, to mapping the wilderness. You not only help keep our parks looking spiffy, you meet great people from all over. Is a Volunteer Vacation right for you? At $75 bucks the price is right ... but these trips are NOT for sissies. Be prepared for a week of hiking and hard work. You WILL get dirty. Accommodations range from tents to cabins, depending on the trip. Usually, food is provided. Airfare isn't -- but the trip organizer will fetch you and your sleeping bag from the airport. Here's the bonus prize: Most of your expenses are tax-deductible. Trips for 2001 are already starting to fill, so to sign up, let your fingers hike on over to www.American Hiking.org. Outdoor vacations, dirt cheap from the American Hiking Society -- that's my Deal of the Week.

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