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Rundown for the Week of August 11, 2000

Folk Art in Mexico City
Judie Fein brings us this report from Mexico City, about an apartment that's half home, half museum, dedicated to the display of Mexican Folk Art.

The Manhattan Hiker
How many times have you taken a bus tour of a big city? You see them all the time. In Washington, DC they have the orange and green trolley buses, in London it's the red double-deckers. Well, if you've done it, you probably know that while it's a good way to hit the big sites in one day, you don't necessarily get a very good sense of a place. Not like walking. At our next stop, The Savvy Traveler's Molly Murphy takes us to New York City to meet a man who's turned walking into an art form.

Quintessential Gloucester
Tourists have been flocking to Gloucester recently to see the site of the blockbuster movie The Perfect Storm, based on Sebastian Junger's book about the crew of the Andrea Gail that was lost at sea in 1991. But today we meet a guy who was writing about Gloucester's traumas at sea before Junger was even born. Joe Garland is a story-teller, journalist, historian. He's written a dozen books about Gloucester's maritime history. He's also a friend of The Savvy Traveler's Sandy Tolan, also from Gloucester. Sandy went out for a boat ride on Joe's 26 foot sloop to hear more history of this small town that's suddenly getting so much attention.

Tornado in Salt Lake City
About this time last year an unexpected tornado hit Salt Lake City, Utah. The Savvy Traveler's Shirley Streshensky just happened to be visiting at the time. She sent us this postcard, remembering that fateful day.

Interview: Miss Manners on Travel Etiquette
She has spent twenty-five years as a reporter, feature writer and critic for the Washington Post. She's written several books on the subject of etiquette and her column appears in over 200 newspapers in the United States and abroad. Her name is Judith Martin...but you probably know her as Miss Manners. Her most recent book is Miss Manner's Guide to Domestic Tranquility: The Authoritative Manual for Every Civilized Household, However Harried. Miss Manners has written extensively on the subject of etiquette for everything from weddings to child-rearing to funerals. But what about the etiquette of travel?

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Walk Hadrian's Wall

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Next Week

Now, there's not much you can do when your vacation is spoiled by an act of God. But you can do some serious complaining when the airlines mess up your trip.

"I plan it just like I plan on packing my bag or like I plan re-synchronizing my palm pilot, in fact, I've taken to jotting notes into my palm as I'm getting abused along the way so I'll be one step closer to firing off a complaint when my trip is over."

Next week...how to complain effectively...and how you might even benefit.

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