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Rundown for the Week of June 17, 2000

Alaska Summer Solstice
About this time of year, the folks up north are getting ready for June 21st, the Summer Solstice and the longest day of the year. It's a time of celebration in many parts of the world, but who could appreciate all that light more than those in Alaska? Geo Beach sent this postcard to tell us how Alaskans do it.

The Birthplace of a Leader
When you travel to China you have to see the Great Wall. Then, of course, you must visit the Temple of Heaven and the Summer Palace. But our contributor Marty Goldensohn stumbled upon a lesser-known attraction. It's Shaoshan, the birthplace of Chairman Mao and it's about 600 miles southeast of Shanghai. As Marty found out, Shaoshan offers history . . . and plenty of kitsch, too.

Beach Bummin' It
The bug to chuck it all and live out the rest of your days on a tropical island bites all of us at some point, usually while sitting in a ten mile back-up. But as The Savvy Traveler's Susan Butler has discovered, it takes a millionaire's purse or a monk's mentality to be truly happy as a professional beach bum.

Listener Dave Karlotski always had this dream of hopping on his motorcycle and traveling until the money ran out. Well, one day Dave found $751 on the sidewalk. He turned it in to the police, but when no one claimed the money, it reverted back to Dave. So, Dave took the money and hit the road, sending us postcards along the way. This one comes from Canada.

Beach: Stories by the Sand and the Sea
Lena Lencek and Gideon Bosker have put together a collection of stories by famous writers called Beach: Stories by the Sand and the Sea. Our host Rudy Maxa asked them what they think it is about the beach that's so inspirational to writers.

Deal of the Week
Getting Away from It All for Less: The Caretaker Gazette

Question of the Week
Brushes with Fame

Travelers' Aid
Online Travel Resources

Rudy's View
Kicks Keep Getting Harder to Find

Culture Watch
York Mystery Plays

Next Week
We're going to travel as close to home as the boardwalk in New Jersey and go as far away as Fez, Morocco, where more than 1,100 years of sights and sounds collide all over the city.

"In a tunnel passageway, with children playing nearby, and tourists and tradespeople walking past, an old man intones praises to Allah."

We'll also have some tips for surviving a road trip with kids. Maybe you'll remember your days of asking, "Are we there yet"? More memories and odysseys during next week's edition of The Savvy Traveler.

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