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Rundown for the Week of May 20, 2000

Cambodia: Haunted by History
May 20th is what is known in Cambodia, now, as the national Day of Hate. Ceremonies of remembrance are performed to mark public anger against Khmer Rouge-led genocide. We found this Day of Hate to be the appropriate time share, once again, Scott Carrier's amazing journey through this place still haunted by history. He got out of the comfort zone and took us on a journey that was both beautiful and disturbing.

As Scene on TV
While you're in New York City, you'll want to see the usual suspects: Statue of Liberty, the Met, the Empire State Building. But if you've gotten to know the city through the wonders of television, why not indulge in your secret TV fantasies and hop on "Scene on TV Tours". It's a tour of New York buildings that have been in television series. The Savvy Traveler's Jessica Smith takes us along for the ride.

Makin' Music on the Mighty Mississippi
Visitors to New Orleans can re-live a bygone era of life along the Mississippi river aboard a steam paddle-wheeler, the S.S. Natchez. Often at it's helm is Capt. Clark "Doc" Hawley, one of the living legends of the mighty Miss. He's one of the last of the steamboat captains left on the river and he's also one of the few musicians who still plays the old-fashioned calliope. The Savvy Traveler's Lex Gillespie went to meet him.

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    We stop in another country where tourism is increasing, even though we're not really supposed to be there. But there's no law saying we can't listen in to find the insider's route in Cuba.

    Then, the lighter side of travel as one tourist tries to get on board with cruising.

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