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Rundown for the Week of May 6, 2000

Go Native in London
With Burger King and McDonald's on the streets of Berlin, Baby Gap all over Scotland and now Ikea in China, it's hard these days to get that authentic "This Feels Foreign" travel experience. But if you find yourself in London and want to go native, The Savvy Traveler's Wesley Weissberg has a suggestion.

China: The Travel Agent Junket
When you think of traveling to China, you no doubt picture yourself at the well-known tourist sites: hiking along the Great Wall, sailing up the Yangzi. But the Chinese, hungry to expand tourism, are busy marketing new destinations such as Hunan Province. How exactly is that marketing done? The Savvy Traveler's Marty Goldensohn takes us on the kind of tour that most of us never get to take.

The Race to Space
The space race is in full-throttle. Again it's Russians versus Americans, but with added competition from Britain, Germany, and Argentina. And some philanthropists are raising a big cash prize for the first team to build a rocketplane that makes space accessible to the average traveler. The competition is reminiscent of prize contests from the early days of aviation. This one even involves a man named Lindbergh. The Savvy Traveler's Tom Banse takes us there.

A Cautionary Tale
There was this horrible incident reported last weekend. Five hundred residents of a small mountain village in Guatemala attacked 19 Japanese tourists who were visiting the town's outdoor market. What could have provoked such a horrifying incident? Savvy Traveler contributor Jim Metzner once found himself in a similar situation. It came back to him when he heard about last week's tragedy.

Way Out in the Wilderness
We've got a postcard from one traveler who took the kind of vacation that, well, most of us wouldn't really consider a vacation. Hear one woman's journey to the frozen realm of Canada's Northwest Territories. Sometimes even the coldest, oddest trips can tilt your vision of the world forever.

Deal of the Week
Doing good while living well

Question of the Week
Suggestions for the Airlines

Travelers' Aid
Airline Innovations

Rudy's View
Marathon Flying: It's the journey, not the destination

Culture Watch
Old meets New in Egypt

Next Week
Visit us next week when we jump into the car with a bunch of old friends who head out onto the open road every year to explore a higher purpose: Baseball.

"I liked Silver stadium a lot better. When you walked in it almost hugged you. And this is just cement and steel. This is just a stadium, there's no love here."

Hitting the road for the love of the game. Come along for this road trip into the soul of America. Then, some help for when you venture out of the country and want to communicate with the natives.

"In the Scottish Borders if you meet someone and you know them, you might say, 'Hi, howdydoin?' And if they're doing okay, they'll say, 'Aye, Cannan complane.'"

English language lessons from our British friends. Plus, we're finally going to announce a winner in our Island Getaway contest. Will you win a free trip to the Caribbean? Find out when you come along for the ride during next week's edition of the Savvy Traveler.

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