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Question of the Week

May 6, 2000


This week: Suggestions for Airlines

You know, even if those travel agents had a great time in China, you can bet getting there and coming back was not so fun. Especially if they were flying coach.

Well, a couple of weeks ago, I asked you to call me with your suggestions for the airlines. How can we make traveling more convenient, more relaxing. The most popular suggestion by far was that the airlines should give out better, more honest information, especially when a flight's delayed. But we got plenty of other great ideas. Listen in and see if you think any of them will ever happen.

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Next week: When in Rome...

Now personally, I agree with what some of our callers were saying: travel has lost some of its class, some of the fantasy. Fortunately for us, that's only on the ride there and back, wherever "there" happens to be. While you're away, you can still do whatever you want, be whoever you want. That's one of the greatest parts about going where nobody knows you. You say and do things you would never do at home.

That's what I want to hear about this week: Think of them as your "When in Rome..." stories. What did you do while traveling that you would have never done back home? I have a friend who, whenever he travels, completely reinvents himself. In France, he was a hippie from San Francisco. In Australia, a New York ad executive. And whenever he travels the U.S., he does the whole trip with a British accent. He says it's a completely different experience seeing America as a foreigner.

Send us an email or call 888-SAV-TRAV (888-728-8728) to tell us what you've done while traveling that you would never do at home.


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