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Rundown for the Week of April 29, 2000

Keeping the Memory Alive
Twenty-three years ago, Skokie, Illinois was the scene of an explosive crisis that would pit history, morality and a search for justice against nothing less than the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution. The Savvy Traveler's Rob Rand returns to Skokie to visit the Holocaust monument and remember the day the Nazis tried to come to town.

The Open Road: Voice of an Angel
Most of us, when we travel, have our habits: looking for vintage car museums, seeking out pub food. The first thing that The Open Road's Hal Cannon does when he gets to a new place is check out the want ads. His wife, Teresa Jordan, is looking for something else entirely: the perfect spot to sing.

After All These Years
The Savvy Traveler's Maxine Davis feels like she has known India all her life, but the funny thing is, she's never stepped foot on the subcontinent. We hear about her excitement and anxiety over her first visit.

Hints for Savvy Travel: An Interview with Heloise
Nationally syndicated lifestyles columnist Heloise drops by the studio to talk to our host Rudy. Travel makes up a large part of her lifestyle, so listen in as she gives us some uncommonly useful advice.

Deal of the Week
Wheels up!

Question of the Week
Confronting the Past

Travelers' Aid
Rental Cars Abroad

Rudy's View
Living Dangerously in Italy

Culture Watch
The New Yorker Festival

Next Week
We hear about the race to get to another far off place...

"We have one team that takes off out of the water and flies into space. Another one that uses rotary rocket engines to go up and then uses helicopter blades to come back down and land."

Hear how you could take a trip into outer space. Or if you don't like the idea of shooting off into the great beyond, how about an increasingly popular tourist attraction. Next week we see China, the way your travel agent gets to see it...

"He sounded like he was berating us for being late and uh, actually when it was translated he was saying, 'May the blossoms of the autumn petals caress your journalistic cheekbones and we love you.'"

Find out how your travel agent gets sold on a country during next week's edition of the Savvy Traveler.

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