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Hints for Savvy Travel

Nationally syndicated lifestyles columnist Heloise drops by the studio to talk to our host Rudy. Travel makes up a large part of her lifestyle, so listen in as she gives us some uncommonly useful advice.

Hints for Savvy Travel
An Interview with Heloise

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Heloise has always been known for her helpful hints. With a nationally syndicated lifestyles column, much of Heloise's lifestyle is devoted to travel. Her articles have been featured in U.S. Airways' in-flight magazine, Attaché. And, her new book, Kitchening with Heloise, devotes an entire section to travel. I was fortunate enough to catch this road warrior between flights so she could pass some of her helpful travel tips on to us. An ardent advocate of keeping the house in order, Heloise emphasizes preparing one's home for a trip, as well as one's self. She was kind enough to explain what she means by that.


Savvy Resources:

  • You can always find more hints from Heloise in her syndicated lifestyles column appearing in newspapers across the country. Or, connect to her website at http://heloise.com/

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