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Rundown for the Week of January 1, 2000

The Evolution of the Ecohotel
One goal a lot of people set is to be better to Mother Earth. Recycle more, cut down on waste. Well, if you're traveling to Canada this year, here's something that's going to make you and your conscience rest a little easier. A few years ago, the Hotel Association of Canada launched the world's first eco-rating system for hotels...a score of one to four leafs, four being best, tells how environmentally conscious and friendly a place is. Judith Ritter took a tour of a three-leaf, four-star hotel in Montreal, Canada. Her guide was Pedro Laurenco, a self-described environmental maniac.

Beautiful Bhutan
Deep in the Himalayas, wedged between India and China, is the mysterious kingdom of Bhutan. For most of its history, Bhutan has been isolated from the world. That's partly due to geography...it's one of the most inaccessible spots on the globe. But it's also by choice: It was just over 25 years ago the government issued its first visa. Smita Paul spent a couple of weeks biking through this mountain kingdom.

Y2K Yawn Postcard
One woman's valiant effort to conquer all that millennial New Year's hype.

Ay, Cuba!
Writer and social commentator Andrei Codrescu was inspired to go to Cuba a few years ago because he wanted to see a country he thought would remind him of his childhood in Stalinist Romania. The result of that trip is Codrescu's book, Ay, Cuba! A Socio-Erotic Journey. Through intimate encounters with everyone from architects to common working folk, Codrescu portrays a country of proud, sexy and smart people, who are generally not buying in to their country's ideology.

Deal of the Week
Two-for-One on Swissair or Sabena

Travelers' Advisory
Disabled Travel Outdoors

Question of the Week
Travel Resolutions

Rudy's View
A Look Back: Travel in 1999

Next Week
We head out on The Open Road and hear about all those scary travel rumors that I swear happened to my brother's fiancee's ex-roommate's cousin.

"Their cousin, who I happen to know, had been to Vegas and had woken up in the tub with ice around them, with a note saying, 'Don't move, because we've harvest one of your kidneys.'"

And if you believe that, well, I know two or three bridges I can sell you. We visit the undiscovered gems right in your hometown...and we take Europe by storm.

"There's still something quite chilling about German train announcers. Like we're not just visiting a particular country, but we might also invade it while we're there."

Railing across Europe...come with us and see if it survives. That's all on next week's trip.

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