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Rundown for the Week of September 21, 2001

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Airport Report by Chris Richard
We sent Chris Richard out to the Los Angeles International Airport to see how the personnel is coping with the sweeping changes in security.

The Picnic by Benjamin Adair
Reporter Benjamin Adair takes us to a grand old picnic in Mississippi where the roots of the music and the people and the pie can be traced back hundreds of years. In the Northern hill country of the state, Ben met up with 94-year-old Otha Turner who is the last living link to two distinctly American traditions. The first is "Fife and Drum" music, descended from early American military music. The second is the Great Picnic-a celebration of sharecroppers in days gone by. Today, Otha Turner's is said to be the last picnic in Mississippi.

Peter Hessler - Interview from Abroad
We talk to author Peter Hessler about what it has been like to be abroad in China while events unfold back here in the US.

Interviews: Air Travel the Week After
We talk to Rudy Maxa and a flight attendant about their experiences flying this past week.

Postcard - Far From Home by Scott Rosenberg
Scott Rosenberg writes to us about the angst and confusion he felt while stranded in Mexico last week.

Postcard - Tour of Duty by Zack Unger
Zack Unger is packing for a trip very few will ever take. He's a logistics specialist for an urban search and rescue unit, based in Oakland, California. As more professional rescue teams are embarking for New York, firefighter Zach and his team are readying and steeling themselves for their volunteer tour of duty. What remains of the collapsed World Trade Centers is fragile at best and recovering more than 6,000 bodies will be gruesome and ginger work.

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Travelers' Aid
News From Terry Trippler and Traveling Defensively

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