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So, what's air travel been like over the past week or so? We asked a traveler and a flight attendant how things are going...

Our expert in residence Rudy Maxa was one of the few Americans to fly during the first week of the tragedy. His trip to Italy was delayed because of the airport closures, but he eventually boarded a Virgin Atlantic flight at 3:00 am last Saturday morning. I spoke with Rudy from the Amalfi Coast and asked him how he made it to Europe during the worst week in air travel history.

Flying is still statistically much safer than driving you car. And yet it's sure easy to understand why some flight crews we've talked to over this last week have expressed an amount of fear in getting back up in the air. In fact, all the airlines have trauma counselors to help flight staff cope with the tragedies. But today we check in with a flight attendant who has been in the air for 12 years and still loves her profession. Evelina Matthews is back at work and she tells us it's actually almost an ideal time to travel by air. She says passengers have never been so polite.

Interviews: Air Travel the Week After


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