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Rundown for the Week of August 17, 2001

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Hash House Harriers by Anne Marie Ruff
It started about 60 years ago. Ex-pats, business travelers, Vacationers. None of whom know each other. All of whom have two things in common. They like to run. And they like to drink. They meet up on easy-going afternoons to jog a few miles and lift and few pints, sort of instant fraternity pals. They're called Hash House Harriers and there are chapters all over the world. We sent our contributor Anne Marie Ruff to join in as an honorary member of the Harriettes Chapter of the hashers, which is a lively group that runs and drinks and laughs quite a bit, every week in Bangkok.

Biking With Lewis and Clark - Part III by Barrett Golding
Do you always imagine what people from centuries ago thought when they looked up at the night sky? Or what sea farers were up against, crossing the oceans in huge, wooden boats? Our contributor Barrett Golding had long wondered what America was like back at the beginning of the nineteenth century, when Lewis and Clark set out to explore the unknown, wild and wooly West. Early this summer, Barrett and a friend loaded their mountain bikes with provisions and followed the Missouri River, starting outside St. Louis, Missouri, with the goal of reaching Mandan, North Dakota, where Lewis and Clark spent their first winter. The trip isn't as tough as it was two centuries back, but it still has its trying moments.

Eccentric America - Jan Friedman
Author Jan Friedman has written a new book called Eccentric America that is a compilation of almost a thousand roadside attractions and oddball festivals that you can explore around the country. We recently sat down with Jan and asked her what it was about America that makes it the land of the home, the free and the utterly weird.

Travels With Mom by Larry Massett
Baby boomers have reached that age where our parents are either gone or sinking into their debilitating older years. But there's a tenderness to old age, too. As Larry Massett discovered on this trip with his eldery mom, after all these years, we can still be surprised by the people we thought we knew best.

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