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Deal of the Week: A Free Coach Companion Ticket on Swissair (8/10/2001)

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D: You're listening to the Savvy Traveler, I'm Diana Nyad and our travel resident travel expert, Rudy Maxa, is back with us today...with his Deal of the Week. Rudy, what great deal, what great part of the world do you have for us this week?

R: Well, if we go, Diana, we're going together. This is a great two for the price of one deal...and the destination is Europe.

D: Ah! Ma France!...Et ta France aussi, si je t'ecoutes bien, Rudy.

R: Umm...

D: Nevermind, what's the deal, I like two for one.

R: Well this is a special deal that Mastercard has made with Swissair. It's good for outbound travel between October first until the last day of 2001 -you have to return to the United States by February 28th. And get this: There are no blackout dates - not around Thanksgiving, not around the December holidays.

D: Wow, that's great! Now, two for one, but for whom? A few weeks ago you had two for one business class tickets on a couple of airlines ...

R: Right, but this is for the rest of us. Two people traveling together go for the price of one, here's the catch, if you buy a Swissair ticket and if you buy it with a Mastercard.

D: That's Mastercard and not Visa?

R: Right, they're not the same. Here's the great part. This deal applies to coach seats, and it applies to any advance-purchase ticket for flights to Europe out of nine of Swissair's American gateways - places like New York and LA, sure, but also Boston, Miami and Atlanta. And you from Europe, you can continue on to any Swissair destination worldwide.

D: So it's not just to Switzerland and Europe?

R: Right - anywhere Swissair flies in Europe and beyond - like Abu Dhabi or Soeul. Pretty much everywhere.

Savvy Resources:
Find out more about this fabulous deal at http://www.swissair.com/specialoffers/usa/us_mc.htm.

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