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Us baby boomers have reached that age where our parents are either gone or sinking into their debilitating older years. It's hard witnessing the aging process when it comes to our own parents. Body parts failing, the mind weakening. Each month, my mom's memory fades back another degree, as Alzheimer's takes its toll. But there's a tenderness to old age, too. We sit sweetly and quietly together, holding hands as we never did in previous years, smiling at the simplest things, such as the shape of a strawberry. And, as Larry Massett discovered on this trip with his eldery mom, after all these years, we can still be surprised by the people we thought we knew best.

Travels With Mom

By Larry Massett, 8/17/2001

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Mom and Larry...
A recent photo of Larry and his mother. The image at the top of the page was taken in Japan when Larry was a young boy.

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