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Rundown for the Week of June 8, 2001

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De Gullah Roots Tour by Jeff Biggers
Maybe you know the glittering tourist resorts, the golf courses, the gated communities of the Carolinas' famed Sea Islands. But, a dense forest hems the luxury winding through the islands. It's a barrier to another world. And this world - more African than American, more Antebellum than Information Age - belongs to the Gullah/Geechee people...descendants of slaves who developed and worked the plantations in the old Carolina colonies. Jeff Biggers traveled to St. Helena, a small island off South Carolina, searching for a place forgotten by time...

The Translator by Bruce Northam
Bruce Northam is an accomplished travel writer. He has books like "The Frugal Globetrotter" and "In Search of Adventure." Bruce is a backpacker...and backpackers are sort of the anti-irony travelers. They trust everybody (with the possible exception of full-price paying tourists). They take most things at face value. They believe what they're told. Now, the case can be made - Bruce Northam will make it - that this attitude provides access to places others don't see. But sometimes it can turn on you - sometimes you find meaning, and adventure, in places where it doesn't really exist.

Language School by Nancy Updike
There's a language school down near Mexico City that strives to create the perfect learning environment. They do that so people can come down, and in just three weeks, learn enough Spanish to have an actual conversation with a local. Nancy Updike went down for a few weeks - but, when she got there she found something the school's organizers didn't want her to know: See, what happens when you learn a language is you start understanding new things...like what the locals are talking about.

My Dad's Wedding by Benjamin Adair
Our final trip today is one that's somewhat typical for June - wedding time, you know. Now, weddings are happy occasions, right? You travel back home, or to another part of the country. You see old friends, and family. Well, one of our producers, Benjamin Adair, traveled half-way across the country for a wedding. He thought going that far would bring him closer to the groom. But, as it turns out, sometimes "half a continent away" isn't a measure of physical distance.

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