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There's a language school down near Mexico City that strives to create the perfect learning environment. They do that so people can come down, and in just three weeks, learn enough Spanish to have an actual conversation with a local. Nancy Updike went down for a few weeks...but, when she got there she found something the school's organizers didn't want her to know: See, what happens when you learn a language is you start understanding new things...like what the locals are talking about.

Language School

By Nancy Updike, 6/08/2001

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Cooking Class...
Adam, another student, and Nancy in cooking class.

Robin and Cris...
Robin and Cris studying with flashcards.

Javier and Nancy...
Javier Espinosa, the president of the school, with Nancy.

Downtown Cuernavaca...
Part of downtown Cuernavaca.

Las Mananitas...
Fountain with peacocks at Las Mananitas.

Savvy Resources:

The school's website url is: http://www.bilingual-center.com.

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