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Deal of the Week: Europe Cheaper for Youth (6/8/2001)

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If you're under 26 years old and headed to Europe, you're in luck. There's a wide range of discounts available if you carry a Euro/26 card. The card costs about $14 a year. Get it, and you're eligible for discounts on public transportation, admission to museums, and lower prices at popular restaurants - even hair salons.

Check out the deals by visiting euro26.org and clicking on "Top 10 discounts." Then choose a country, and you'll see what's on offer. I clicked on "France," and found deals for half-off youth tickets on the Paris Metro (on weekends and holidays.) Ten percent off meals at the Hard Rock Café, and 25 percent off haircuts at Jean-Louis David salons - a nice luxury after months of travel. Avis Hugaria, in Budapest, gives you 25 percent off car rentals … you get 15 percent off admission to the terrific Belgian cartoon museum in Brussels. If you're backpacking around this summer - or your kids are - you know every penny, every Euro counts.

Now, not all countries in Europe participate in the program. Buy your card overseas by showing proof of your age. Visit euro26.org to learn specifically where.

Europe cheaper for youth - that's our Deal of the Week.

Savvy Resources:

That website again: www.euro26.org

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