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Rundown for the Week of May 11, 2001

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The Doctor of Mount Sinai by Judie Fein
First, we travel to the Middle East in search of Mount Sinai - where Moses received the Ten Commandments in the Bible. Now, when Moses comes to mind, some might think of the seven plagues or the parting of the Red Sea. Some might ponder wandering forty years in the desert or imagine what it would be like to hear the voice of God. Not contributor Judy Fein. When Judy went out to trace Moses' steps up the real Mount Sinai, like a good reporter she found herself concerned with the basics, especially the how and the where...

Blue Sicily by Pippen Ross
Travel writers can't leave their work-a-day world behind when they're on the road. after all, hitting the road is their work. Writer and reporter Pippin Ross knows all about that kind of working vacation, but recently she encountered a new twist: She joined 22 aspiring travel writers and photo journalists from the University of Massachusetts on a trip to Sicily. She meant to offer them seasoned guidance, to help them capture the look, feel, and color of the island. Instead, she learned a few things about herself, both as a traveler and a writer, a realization that sometimes the only way to describe the color blue is, well...blue.

A Poetic Journey by Sean Cole
In some ways, every baby book is a travel journal...your mom's way of mapping your trip through the years. Later on, such a book can become a chart back to the you of years ago, not to mention the mother in your memory. Well, Boston-area poet and novelist Joe Torra began a special kind of baby book for his newest daughter - a book that maps not only a child coming into a family, but also a journey across culture, language and around the world. Contributor Sean Cole tells the story.

Paul Theroux
Paul Theroux is probably best known for his travel books such as To the Ends of the Earth or Riding the Iron Rooster: By Train Through China. In his latest book Hotel Honolulu, he examines the all important home away from home for travelers. We've all stayed in a hotel or motel at some point during a trip. From the sterile one-room accommodations to the plush high rise suite, hotels not only impact our impression of the places we travel, but also provide a respite from them.

Spa, Humbug! by Mary Lou Weisman
A week at a spa conjures images of steam baths and Swedish massages - pure pleasure, pure relaxation. And what could be better but to share that time with someone you love? Or maybe worse. Mary Lou Weissman has been known to brag a little about her liberated marriage. But it only took a trip to a health spa to reopen the gender wars. She sent us this postcard on the tensions that maybe only a spa can produce.

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We recount some of your stories about travelling with your mother, and ask you for slogans to sell American Tourism abroad.

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