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Rundown for the Week of December 11, 1999

Feeling at Home
Some people prefer the intimacy of a bed and breakfast to a hotel; a B&B may offer a home-cooked meal or a window onto the life of the area. The best, according to Monique Greenwood, reflect the identities of their owners. Greenwood belongs to an association of more than 25 African-American-owned bed and breakfasts across the country. Hers, the Akwaaba Mansion, is not located in a small, rural town in New England, but rather in a grand old mansion in the heart of Brooklyn. Akwaaba means "welcome" in Twi, the language of the Akan people of Ghana. The Savvy Traveler's Marianne McCune went for a visit.

Turkish Carpets
Travelers, like marauders from the Middle Ages, often return home with the spoils of conquered cities. While most of us enjoy buying souvenirs of our trips, it's easier said than done in places where bargaining is a fact of commercial life. Todd Melby and Diane Richard recently visited Istanbul, Turkey on their honeymoon, with thoughts of buying an authentic Turkish carpet.

The Beautiful Badlands
A visit to one of America's great natural monuments, where one traveler is reminded of our impermanence.

Bob Burg Interview
To teach us how to make the most of a bad situation we've got Bob Burg. He's the author of the book Winning Without Intimidation: How to Master the Art of Positive Persuasion. You may remember that Bob was on the show last week offering advice on how to get an upgrade.

Deal of the Week
New Year's Eve Bargains

Travelers' Advisory
Staying in Touch

Question of the Week
Vacationing with the In-Laws

Rudy's View
Common Courtesy

Culture Watch
The Bicentennial of Washington's Death

Next Week
We're going to take you on another inspiring journey next week when we follow one traveler to Germany to retrace the steps of his parents, who met and were married there well over 40 years ago.

"In Berlin we tried to find yet another significant point: the home of Colonel and Mrs. Higgins, who hosted my parents' wedding reception on Saturday, November 1, 1952."

Come along as we wander back in time. We hear about some last-minute gifts for your favorite traveler. And are you prepared when your foreign friends ask about your religious holidays?

"'Laura-san,' Akiko asked, 'Do you believe in Jesus Christ?' I nearly choked on my miso soup, considering our usual lunchtime banter concerned the consequences of over-perming or where to get a good manicure."

Christmastime in Japan and a whole lot more during next week's edition of The Savvy Traveler.

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