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The Bicentennial of Washington's Death

The Bicentennial of Washington's Death
December 11, 1999

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Hey Rudy, here's one you should check out. It's got it all: guys with guns, hundreds of people playing dress up, even a man with wooden teeth! And best of all, it's right outside D.C. Literally in your own backyard.

See, it was exactly 200 years ago when our first president, George Washington contracted a mysterious throat ailment. This was after his presidency, after his military victories. He and Martha were enjoying retirement at Mount Vernon. Days later, he was dead, and a shocked country went into mourning.

So, on this, the bicentennial of his death, the folks at Mount Vernon are celebrating Washington's legacy. Next weekend, is the, well, weird finale: a grand re-enactment of Washington's funeral.

The main event is on Saturday, the 18th. Starting at 11 in the morning, over 250 people, all in period costume will gather for the official funeral, including descendants of actual mourners. A procession of military escorts, a militia band, and one riderless gray horse will take Washington's coffin to the original family vault. There, Episcopalian and Masonic services will, once again, lay George to rest. It's a once in a century event.

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