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Travelers' Aid

Staying in Touch
December 11, 1999

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A new poll by the Travel Industry Association of America says that now, more than ever, people are trying to stay in touch while traveling. The surprising thing about the poll is that as many pleasure travelers as business travelers are lugging cell phones and laptops along these days. Sarah is one of those pleasure travelers. She called from Needham, Massachusetts, right outside of Boston. Sarah wants to know how to stay in touch with folks back home, through e-mail and the Web, when she, her husband and her kids embark on a trip around the world early next year.

Savvy Resources for Staying in Touch:

  • We talked with Chuck Blethen about how to use your laptop computer in different places around the world. His website is www.roadnews.com.

  • Lonely Planet has a service that let's you receive e-mail, voice mail and make discounted international calls -- it's called EKNO. And you can find out more about it by going to www.ekno.lonelyplanet.com.

  • Jeff Braham is with Rent-Cell in Atlanta, GA. He talked with us about using your cell phone on the road and how to go about renting a cell in a foreign country. Find out more at www.rentcell.com.

  • If you want more info on Internet Cafes around the world, check out Ernst Larsen's book Internet Cafe Guide: Cybercafe Yellow Pages. It's one of the largest listings out there -- it's at www.netcafeguide.com.


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