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Rundown for the week of September 18, 1999

There are certain things you expect to see when you travel to Europe. If you go to Paris you check out the Eiffel Tower. Head over to Rome and you naturally stop at the coliseum. And if you travel to Scotland, you'd probably feel like you missed out if you didn't hear some bagpipes. But as The Savvy Traveler's Adam Fowler discovered, you can't always hear what you want.

Your Answers: Unique Hotel Experiences
The mix of cultures and languages and customs leads to a rife-with-excitement situation.

Mel Brooks Interview
Mel Brooks has been making me laugh as long as I can remember. As a writer on Sid Caesar's "The Show of Shows," films like The Producers, where two con-men try to produce the worst play in the world only to develop a smash hit called "Springtime For Hitler."

Elko County Fair
Summer's officially over, but the good news is it's that time when local fairs start springing up around the country...and there are over 3000 across America to choose from. Fairs are a great weekend getaway and a wonderful window into the traditions of rural communities. The Open Road's Hal Cannon recently spent a day at his local fair in northern Nevada.

Deal of the Week
Fan Fare on Delta

Ask Rudy
Rudy takes listeners' general questions about travel. He mentions:

  • Imperial Express
  • Mosquito Coast, Honduras

Postcard from Xilitla, Mexico
Sometimes traveling, when you stop long enough in one place, becomes simply... living. And then, you've no longer left your troubles behind; you just make new ones. That is, as our friend Carmen Delzell learned, until you start traveling again. She sent us this postcard.

Culture Watch
Visit Rembrandt's home.

Next Week

Travel with us again next week as we share the secret of a little-known Hamlet in Italy.

"I'll tell you everything on one condition. You don't come here. If every Tom, Dick, and Rudy showed up it would spoil the mystique of the place!"

We let you in the magic of this hidden gem.

Feel what it's like to let loose on a motorcycle, down 400 miles of deserted road. And you're never too old to travel...so is that why single seniors are finding each other?

"You're losing yourselves in an adventure rather than concentrating on a relationship."

Well that may be but it turns out that love isn't always far behind. Hear all about it when you come along for the ride during next week's journey with The Savvy Traveler.

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