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Rundown for the Week of March 12, 2004

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This Week: Our Favorite Moments

Here, at The Savvy Traveler, we're a rather tight-knot group and we get excited about, and inspired by, the stories that compose the show each week. So, for the next few weeks, all of the behind-the-scenes production staff will be telling us about their favorite moments on the show.

This week, Executive Producer JJ Yore shares his favorite.

Cholera Diary
by Joelle Pouliot

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Doctors Without Borders is the world's largest independent, international medical relief agency. Its physicians aid the victims of war and natural disasters. Joelle Pouliot, a physician from Canada, joined the group to help others -- and she ended up learning quite a bit about herself along the way when she went to Uganda in the middle of a cholera epidemic. "That piece first aired in 1999, and even now, almost five years later, it still has this powerful impact," says JJ. "I'm really grateful to hear something that opens up that world to the audience in such a moving way."

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Destination of the Week: Scenic Canada

Since the tragedy of 9/11, foreign trips close to home become increasingly appealing to Americans. Canada definitely falls in that category. From the islands off British Columbia to the aspen trees that shimmer around Hudson Bay, north of Ontario, to the quaint seaside villages of Nova Scotia and Newfoundland, Canada is postcard picture-perfect.

Queen Charlotte Island
by Allan Coukell

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The Queen Charlotte Islands are a rainy archipelago of towering cedars and rushing streams about 500 miles north of Vancouver. Also known as Haida Gwaii, or "islands of the people", they are the traditional homeland of the Haida people, who occupied villages there until a 19th century epidemic of smallpox nearly wiped them out. Producer Allan Coukell recently visited one of the now-abandoned villages to get a view into its intriguing history.

Savvy resources
www.bcadventure.com: Queen Charlotte Islands
www.queencharlotte.worldweb.com: Queen Charlotte City Travel & Tourism Guide
www.bcferries.bc.ca: BCFerries schedule

by Dave Karlotski

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Listener Dave Karlotski always had this dream of hopping on his motorcycle and traveling until the money ran out. Well, one day Dave found $751 on the sidewalk. He turned it in to the police, but when no one claimed the money, it reverted back to Dave. So, Dave took the money and hit the road, heading east to a part of Newfoundland called Labrador.

Savvy resources
"Labrador" originally aired June 17, 2000
Search for more stories by David Karlotski

The Skeena
by Jeff Lunden

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Western Canada, with its snow-capped mountains and craggy canyons, is home to several of the most spectacular train trips in the world. But one of the least expensive and most scenic options is a train called the Skeena, a tiny four-car local that runs three days a week between Jasper, Alberta and Prince Rupert, on the Pacific Coast. As contributor Jeff Lunden found out, it has the reputation of being something of a "backwoods" commuter line.

Savvy resources
"The Skeena" originally aired October 13, 2001
Search for more stories by Jeff Lunden

Travel tips for going to and traveling within Canada
www1.travelalberta.com: Entry into Canada
www1.travelalberta.com: Highway information
www1.travelalberta.com: Scenic road trips
www.viarail.ca: VIA Rail Canada
www.freetrip.com: Interactive trip planner
www.msnbc.msn.com: article - "A Classic Road Trip: From Vancouver to Calgary on a Budget"
gocanada.about.com: article - "What you need to know about discount airlines in Canada"

Music with Bob Duskis
Mandeng Eletrik and Alien Chatter

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Bob Duskis, the co-founder of Six Degrees Records in San Francisco, has his ear to the ground for the best musical styles happening around the globe. This week, Bob introduces us to music from Mandeng Eletrik and Alien Chatter, artists who fuse together different genres of music.

Click here for detailed info. about the music.

Music mentioned
group / album title / label

Mandeng Eletrik "Mandeng Eletrik" Mulatta
Alien Chatter "Music for Aliens" Alien Chatter

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Sound Travels
Naxi Orchestra, Lijiang, China

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This week, we take you as far from the modern world as possible, just by listening to simple sounds. Jake Chance recorded music that dates back to the Chinese Ming Dynasty in Lijiang, China, on the eastern edge of the Himalayas. The music is more than 100 years old.

Web resources
www.terragalleria.com: Online photo gallery of Naxi musicians, people, costumes and instruments.
elijiang.oip.cn: Pictures of Lijiang, its culture, people and local travel information

Savvy resource
More "Sound Travels" segments

Deal of the Week
Bargain Buenos Aires

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Since Europe has become more expensive due to the drop in the value of the dollar compared to the euro, our dealmeister Rudy Maxa thought it might be time to look south of the border -- to some great airfare deals to Argentina.

South America is historically under-appreciated by American tourists. Argentina has only made the news lately because of its economic problems -- but there's a silver lining in all that financial turmoil, at least for visitors paying in dollars: Buenos Aires is a bargain. So, how cheap is it to get there?

-Nearly every travel agent can fix you up with an airfare/hotel package that can put you there for seven days at less than $950 per person. And, that includes round-trip airfare plus six hotel nights -- and often breakfast and airport transfers as well.
-OffPeakTraveler.com has a five-night deal from New York, Miami or DC starting at $579 for travel until the end of this month. You have to depart mid-week to get that low rate, and you can upgrade your hotel.
-Gate1 Travel offers a seven-day package for between $619 and $850, depending on the kind of luxury you want in a hotel.
-Both American Airlines and Aerolineas Argentinas have package deals as well through Marnella Tours.
Read the small print on all deals, as always. Remember, most flights each way are overnight. But you won't have the same kind of jet lag you might have going across the Atlantic because the time change isn't that great. And, leave your jewelry at home -- petty crime exists in Buenos Aires, as in other large cities.
Check out these sources for deals to Buenos Aires
www.offpeaktraveler.com: OffPeakTraveler.com
www.gotoday.com: go-today.com
www.gate1travel.com: Gate1Travel.com
www.analietours.com: Analie Tours, (800) 811-6027
www.marnellatours.com: Marnella Tours, (800) 993-0033

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