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Rundown for the Week of February 20, 2004

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This Week: Our Favorite Moments

Here, at The Savvy Traveler, we're a rather tight-knot group and we get excited about, and inspired by, the stories that compose the show each week. So, for the next few weeks, all of the behind-the-scenes production staff will be telling us about their favorite moments on the show.

This week, Assistant Producer Kelly Markham shares a couple of her favorites.

photo: A. Blumberg
Club Med
by Alex Blumberg
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When contributor Alex Blumberg decided to go on a personal exploration of the singles scene at Club Med on the Pacific coast of Mexico, it sounded like a good idea: conga lines, tropical drinks, bountiful bikinis. But rather than throwing himself into it, Alex stepped in gingerly. "This guy is so not the Club Med type and yet, he embodies the spirit of the traveler so well," says Kelly. "He embraces this 'foreign' way of life and makes it his own. It's inspirational."

Savvy resource: Search for more stories by Alex Blumberg

Travel Behind the Scenes
Fred Christina, former waiter at New York's Plaza Hotel
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Who knows travelers better than the workers who serve them all day? Our first storyteller in the "Travel Behind the Scenes" series was Fred Christina, who recently retired after 64 years as a waiter at the storied Oak Room of New York's Plaza Hotel. Night after night, Fred served and observed the most famous travelers in the world. "It's a fabulous reminder of all the dedicated people who work in this industry," says Kelly.

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More of Kelly Markham's favorite stories:
Batumi Blues by Larry Massett
Freestylers & Foreigners: Fear and Locomotiving on the Southwest Chief by Hank Rosenfeld
The Picnic by Ben Adair

Deep-South Barbecue
by Steve Featherstone

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"Thirteen years ago I left upstate New York to live in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. I expected some culture shock -- but I wasn't prepared for chitlins." That's contributor Steve Featherstone as he traveled down to the deep-South biscuit 'n gravy country. Steve takes us on an Alabama deep-South feeding frenzy. It's the kind of trip that makes your taste buds happy, but your arteries absolutely miserable.

Web resources:
www.dreamlandbbq.com: Order a slab or ribs or a quart of Dreamland's legendary barbecue sauce online
www.chitterlings.com: Southern style recipes
Search for more stories by Steve Featherstone

American Nomad
interview with Richard Grant

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Richard Grant has been a lifelong traveler, a nomad. For the last 30 years, he hasn't stayed in one place more than three weeks because moving is in his blood. As he traveled west of the Mississippi, he discovered a rich history of other nomads, such as fur trader Joe Walker, who spent his entire life wandering the West by horse. Host Diana Nyad talks with Richard about his new book, "American Nomads" and how he was hypnotized by the freedom trails of the American West.

Web resource
"American Nomads: Travels With Lost Conquistadors, Mountain Men, Cowboys, Indians, Hoboes, Truckers, and Bullriders" is available at Public Radio BookSource. Your purchase helps support The Savvy Traveler.

Music with Bob Duskis
Jazzanova and Mari Boine

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Bob Duskis, the co-founder of Six Degrees records in San Francisco, has his ear to the ground for the best musical styles happening around the globe. This week, Bob takes us to Scandinavia, with songs by musician Mari Boine, and to Berlin's "broken beat /nu-jazz" scene, with songs from Jazzanova.

Click here for detailed info. about the music.

Music mentioned
group / album title / label

Jazzanova "The Remixes 1997 - 2000" Compost
Mari Boine "Eight Seasons" Northside Records

Available at the Public Music Radio Source. Your purchase helps support The Savvy Traveler.

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Sound Travels
Sea of Cortez, Mexico

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Let's travel the world by listening to some simple sounds. It has been a long, cold winter. So, February is the perfect time to escape to the California and Arizona deserts -- or farther even, down into Mexico, to the Sea of Cortez: Lazy afternoons, mid-80s, bright blue water, fishing and drinking Coronas with lime. Flocks of pelicans hang in the air like a fleet of ships. And, we enjoy bonfires, acoustic guitars, and fish tacos for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

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Deal of the Week
Sleep Cheap in Vegas

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Our Travel-Expert-in-Residence, Rudy Maxa, calls in from Las Vegas with some sure-fire ways to score cheap room deals on the Strip in Sin City.

In Vegas, hotel rates are dependent on whether there's a big convention going on. If there's not, rooms are very cheap compared to other U.S. cities. Generally speaking, rooms during the week are cheaper than during weekends, and the off-season is called "summer." So, how do you find the best room deals?

  • The Web site www.VegasFreedom.com offers links to special deals at major hotels.
  • Check hotel Web sites or call the hotels to ask for the Internet special price.
  • Always check package rates. The Vegas Hilton has rooms for $59 a night if you book two nights during the week.
  • Travel Web sites such as Orbitz.com do airfare and hotel deals that are cheaper than if you book them yourselves separately.

    Well, even if the box office says the show is sold out, contact the hotel where the act is playing. You may be able to book a room and show package. And, if you go to Caesar's Palace's Web site, you can get tickets if you buy a couple of room nights, too. Depending on the price of the package, you may get a food credit and limo transport to and from the airport, as well.

  • Web resources:
    Two Web sites that offer general information on Las Vegas as well as hotel and package offers are: www.vegasfreedom.com and www.vegas.com.
    For information on hotel and show packages at Caesar's Palace (among the stars rotating through the showroom there are Celine Dion, Elton John and Pavarotti), go to: www.caesarspalace.com.

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