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Music with Bob Duskis artist info. for February 20, 2004

Artist: Jazzanova
This Berlin-based group is comprised of six people: three musicians and three DJs. They operate under a creative banner called the Sonar Kollektiv. After developing a huge following through many high-profile remixes and individual tracks, they have finally released their first full-length studio recording. They are considered to be the leading exponents of a dance style called "broken beat" or "nu-jazz."

The interesting thing about Jazzanova's music is that it sounds very much like organic music, with lots of live players, when in fact the great majority of the sounds are programmed and sampled. As an example, the band says: "Everybody kept asking us who did the percussion on our tracks. We always told them we don't have a percussionist -- it's all programmed -- but they don't believe us. It was always like, 'Yeah, yeah, come on, who's the percussionist?' So, in the end, we gave up and said it's this guy called Halfless."

The two tracks reflect the breadth of the release, from more traditional -sounding jazz styles to more of a modern hip-hop sound.

Artist: Mari Boine
Mari is considered to be a Norwegian national treasure. Hailing from the Arctic part of Europe -- so far north that it is often missing from weather maps -- Boine is a member of the Sami people, an oppressed minority that have been known in the past as Laplanders. The Sami region stretches over four countries, from Norway to Sweden, Finland and Russia. Boine's vocal style and chants sound almost reminiscent of Native-American vocal music. Her powerful voice, poetry and the stories she tells of her people have received international acclaim through many album releases, making her a champion and a bit of a hero to the Samis.

Her music has also attracted the ears of electronic DJs from around the world, and the two tracks we are featuring are from a remix collection that features her music re-interpreted by a worldwide cast of producers.

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