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Rundown for the Week of December 15, 2000

This week, you get two hosts for the price of one! That's right. Host Rudy Maxa is joined by The World's Tony Kahn for two consecutive weeks of tag-team Savvy Traveler!

On the Frankincense Trail, Part Three
Centuries ago, a fragrant tree sap known as frankincense, was treasured by Kings and Queens around the world. Its popularity as an incense and perfume was so valued that camel caravans trekked for days across the Arabian Peninsula to ship it to ports around the Mediterranean. As our series continues tracing the old Frankincense route, Tom Verde picks up the trail in the lonely deserts of the southern Arabian Peninsula.

The Sounds of the Holidays - Four Stories
What do the holiday sound like? That depends on where you are. It might be the sound of Christmas carolers, latkes frying, or firecrackers blowing off your cousin's arm from the elbow down. Move over jingle bells. We've got surprising seasonal sounds from around the world.

De Gullah Roots Tour
We take a trip to a living time capsule: St. Helena Island off the coast of South Carolina. Here, the centuries-old Gullah culture of slave descendents still thrives. Island isolation has preserved the Gullah language and traditions, but how long can this unique culture survive?

Audio Christmas Postcard
Geo Beach, one of our contributors, had a childhood fantasy of living at the North Pole. And years later, it came true. Here's his holiday postcard And listeners share their funny, wistful and just plain bizarro stories about holiday trips. (Going to Grandma's might start looking pretty good to you.)

The Secret World of Super-Rich Travel
It's been said that the rich are different - they have more money. We'd like to add that they travel better. Way better. These people move around the earth in ways most of us can't even begin to imagine - until now. We've got the scoop on the secret world of super-rich travel.

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Deal of the Week
A Crib - or Two - For Less

Question of the Week
Shipped Out, Boxed Up...Memorable Holidays

Travelers' Aid
Customer Service Committments and the Skies

Rudy's View
Frappucccinos in the Forbidden City?

Next Week

Question of the Week: Have you spent an extended period of time away from home? Tony and I want to know. What did you miss most about home?

Yiddish books are disappearing faster than cheap seats on holiday flights. Meet someone who hit the road to save them -- and one of the world's great literatures - before it's too late.

We tell you how to transform that fantasy vacation you've been dreaming about into an actual trip.

What would it be like to move your family to France for five years? Would you miss frozen dinners and track suits? Would you start to like Jerry Lewis? Would your kids turn French? We talk to a writer who made the move and has the answers.

Think you've had some bad holidays? You'll feel much better when you hear one man's miserable story of spending Christmas alone in Prague with a sink full of dirty dishes.

Listeners tell us all about the passions they've picked up in their travels. (No, we don't mean hotties. We're talking about habits, hobbies, pastimes and philosophical outlooks.)

Postcard: Photographer Joel Meyerowitz, tells us about a humble road trip he took with his son and Dad: a man slowly disappearing to Alzheimer's. Come along for a 2000 mile journey from Florida to New York-and hear a moving story of things lost and found on a family's last time together on the road.

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