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Rundown for the Week of December 1, 2000

On the Frankincense Trail, Part One
Centuries ago, camel caravans crossed the Arabian Peninsula, laden with frankincense, bound for Rome, Persia, and the Far East. Treasured by the ancients as an aromatic, frankincense is more familiar to us as one of the three gifts of the Magi. Today, as the Savvy Traveler's Tom Verde learned, it's still possible to follow the frankincense trade route. Earlier this year, Tom spent two months in the Middle East. Before the recent eruption of violence in the region, he retraced the ancient frankincense trail. We start in the mountains of southern Oman for part one of this four-installment feature.

Papua New Guinea
Most of us avoid dangerous places when planning our vacations. But for some, danger offers a chance for adventure. Take The Savvy Traveler's Jeff Tyler. He was considering a trip to Papua (Poppa), New Guinea, an island nation of 5 million people, just north of Australia. Until its independence 25 years ago, Papua, New Guinea passed from one colonial power to the next: the Dutch, the British and finally, the Australians. But the villagers living in the mountains remained completely isolated. Now, when Jeff read about a festival in the Papua, New Guinea Highlands that brings out thousands of warriors performing rituals dating back to the Stone Age, he became interested. But what really persuaded him to was a warning. Before we hear his story, let us warn you: what you're about to hear contains some violent content you may find disturbing.

The Voice of Peace
Do you remember what you were doing when you heard John Lennon was shot? Nearly 20 years have passed since the singer's death. Writer Hank Rosenfeld tells us about a trip that was sparked by the news that December night, and how Lennon's music has touched him in his later journeys.

Six Degrees of Sound: An Interview with Bob Duskis
These days, exploring distant cultures can be as easy as taking a simple trip to your local record store. Today, it's easier than ever to access music from around the world, thanks in part to the efforts of a San Francisco record company that's been importing some very unique recordings. The company's called Six Degrees Records and, as the name implies, the guiding philosophy is that all music is much more inter-related than you think.

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A Return on Investment

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Houseguests from Hell

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Rudy's View
Airport Ambience

Next Week

Hank Rosenfeld writes now from his home in Los Angeles. Hank, like a lot of people has fond memories of a special college road trip. Next time, we'll hear of another student's journey that's still going three years later:

"I just wanted to go find something else, something better. I dropped out of school. About three days later after I jumped that train, I told the president of the art school I wanted to be a hobo."

Has he found what he was looking for riding the rails? We'll find out. We'll also learn how someone discovered his passion, after chucking it all to bike around Australia. And what do you do if your passion turns out to be fruit? For a Houston orange lover, the answer was to build a bizarre roadside attraction. Cash Peters gives us the Bad Taste Tour. It's all coming up next week, so be sure to join us.

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