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Bob Duskis

Six Degrees of Sound: An Interview with Bob Duskis

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The easiest way to cross continents and get to distant cultures is by taking a simple trip to your local record shoppe. These days, world music is ubiquitous, and one San Francisco record label is importing some very interesting and unique music. It's called Six Degrees Records and, as the name implies, the guiding philosophy is that all music is much more inter-related than you think. Take this song playing right now. Those drums sound North African, the harmonies, Turkish. But that beat is very American.

Bob Duskis heads up Six Degrees Records. He sat down with me recently to play a few of their new releases. He says if you think this song is interesting, what until you meet the guys who wrote it.

Bob Duskis is the founder of the record label, Six Degrees. All of that music we played as we were talking - dZihan and Kamien, State of Bengal and RSL with Ladysmith Black Mambazo - it's all available at your local record store, or at sixdegreesrecords.com

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