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Rundown for the Week of October 27, 2000

You know, there's nothing like enjoying a good book when you're on vacation. And if you really like reading to relax, what would be a better place to visit than an entire literary city? In Scotland, the small community of Wigtown has become known in the UK as a town for books, hosting an array of book launchings and signings throughout the year. And every September, it celebrates literature with a festival, featuring authors from around the world. But as Adam Fowler discovered, it's not the kind of event you'll find in the hushed halls of your local library.

Ottowa's Haunted Hostel
With Halloween just around the corner, many folks are out searching for some frightening fun. No doubt, there's probably someone near you offering a spooky hayride or one of those creepy ghost house tours. But if you're in search of a more unusual hair-raising experience, how about spending the night in a haunted hostel? You'll find one of the most ocnvincing and possibly cheapest haunted accommodations at the youth hostel in Ottawa, Canada. At one time, it was one of the country's toughest prisons. We scared-up Karen Kelly to take a tour, and she reluctantly agreed.

Unexpected Tunisia
You not only learn a lot about people when you travel with them, you can learn a lot about yourself, too. For instance, you probably think you're pretty familiar with the religion you grew up with, right? Whether we follow it or not, we know all about the ceremonies, the prayers and beliefs. But when reporter Judy Fein visited an exotic island, she encountered an aspect of her faith she never knew existed.

Moving Images
Traveling back to your family's past can be as simple as a trip to the museum...as Breena Clark discovers

Interview: The Campaign Trail
Back in the early 70's, author Timothy Cruise wrote a book called The Boys on the Bus. It chronicled the lives of journalists as they covered the presidential campaigns of Richard Nixon and George McGovern. Well, I decided to talk to one of the boys and girls on the buses of this year's campaigns to see what it was like to track Vice President Al Gore and Governor George W. Bush as they criss-cross the country pressing the flesh and digging up votes. Ceci Connolly is the National Political Reporter for the Washington Post covering Gore. John Berman, a producer for ABC News, is following the Bush camp. They took a break on the eve of the final presidential debate in St. Louis to tell me what its like for a reporter traveling on the campaign trail.

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Next Week

Author Hodding Carter tells how he recreated a vessel sailed by Leif Ericksson and took to the high seas to relive the famous explorer's travels from Greenland to North America. Not quite brave enough yet to re-enact your own ocean adventure? We'll get your feet wet with an autumn journey down Illinois' Spoon River. That's where poet Edgar Lee masters got his inspiration for the celebrated Spoon River Anthology. We'll see how the river is still sparking imaginations today. Plus Cash Peters finds a more unusual way to travel down a river...and across town when he goes for a spin in an amphibious vehicle. That's all coming up next week, so be sure to buckle yourself in and come along for the ride.

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