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Question of the Week

October 27, 2000


This week: Tour Guide's Horror Stories

If you want company on your vacation you often turn to tour guides for a little help. It's a welcome comfort to have somebody who knows the lay of the land and can show you around. Keeps you from experiencing some horror stories of your own. But what about the tour guides and the horror stories they experience while traveling. More specifically travelling with us. They're responsible for herding...I mean moving, large groups of tourists from site to site...on buses, off buses, in hotels, out of hotels. It can be a grueling job. A task made even harder by the variety of personalities in the group, each with different moods, different expectations...

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Next Week: Traveling with Your Boss

The one thing I think is probably worse than working for a bad, inept manager is actually traveling with one. When you're at the office and the clock strikes five, you're out of there. The stress of your supervisor's eyes is already lifting by the time you reach the parking lot. Sure we're all are guilty of taking the pressures of work home with us, but how about having that cause of the pressure sitting right next to you on an airplane or snoring away next to you in a hotel room. When you're traveling with your boss, there is no escape. And that's my question of the week. I want to hear your stories about traveling with your boss. What was it like to spend a little extra quality time getting to know the person who signs your paycheck? Was he or she different when they got out of the office, away from the daily protocol that makes work....well, work? Maybe you discovered something new about them...or perhaps you discovered too much. Traveling with your boss. I want to hear your story. Send us an email or call 888-SAV-TRAV. That's 888-728-8728.


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