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Rundown for the Week of September 29, 2000

Pico Iyer Reads
Many of us don't get to travel as much as we'd like. Sometimes you just have to settle for the next best thing: reading about a place. Good travel writing possesses the magical quality of allowing the reader to take instant flight, something that author Pico Iyer seems to accomplish through his writing, again and again. Before we spend time exploring his adopted home of Japan, we have the opportunity to hear a selection from Pico's current novel-in-progress. The working title is Abandon.

Pico Iyer and the Process of Writing
Besides being a columnist for Time Magazine, Pico Iyer is know for his travel books like Video Night in Kathmandu, Lady and the Monk and his most recent, Global Soul. This week, we're touring parts of Japan with Pico Iyer this week. But first, we take a look at his process of writing. The Savvy Traveler's Deborah Clark recently spent a some time with Pico Iyer at his home in Japan. She sat down with him to learn a bit about the man as a writer.

Pico Iyer's Japan
We're enjoying a very literary program this week. Producer Deborah Clark recently spent some time with travel writer Pico Iyer in his adopted home of Japan to learn more about the writer, and watch him watching the world. We join them at the train station in Nara, the ancient capital of Japan.

Interview: A Journey with Pico Iyer
When she returned from her visit to Japan, producer Deborah Clark came by our studios to talk about her experiences there. We had the chance to ask her what it was about Japan that attracted author Pico Iyer. Why would a guy like Pico, who's traveled and lived all over the world, choose Japan as the place to call home?

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Rudy's View
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Next Week

Tony Kahn steps in as your host and travel guide. You probably know Tony best from listening to the public radio program, The World. Tony will talk you through your tales about romances that have begun... and ended... on the road. He'll also help you survive one of our infamous Bad Taste Tours, this time to the mecca that is Branson, Missouri. Plus, stories and advice for traveling with a disability. That and more during next week's journey with The Savvy Traveler.

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