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Rundown for the Week of July 22, 2000

Lost Belongings
Say you've planned a trip to Hawaii for months, years maybe. You did everything right...compared prices, checked the best time to visit weather-wise. But then, disaster. Seems your luggage didn't make the trip with you. Do you ever wonder what happens to your skis and suitcases when they disappear into the travel void? Do you imagine some pilot wearing your favorite sweater? Well, we decided to do some detective work and find out where these things go.

The Hidden Hawaii: Part I
Hawaii...perhaps the closest America gets to paradise. It's a place most people dream of visiting in their lifetime. So this week, our friends from the Open Road, Hal Cannon and Teresa Jordan, take us to the 50th state, on a journey that starts out like most trips to Hawaii.

The Hidden Hawaii: Part II
We're taking an extended journey through Hawaii today. Our guides are Hal Cannon and Teresa Jordan of The Open Road, who will be guided themselves by a Hawaiian native and old friend, Kindy Sproat. We rejoin Hal and Teresa as they arrive at Kindy's house, where he lives with his wife Cheri.

The Hidden Hawaii: Part III
Well, were going to stay inland for now as we head into a gentler Hawaii. When we last left Hal Cannon and Teresa Jordan, they were hiking along the Pololu Valley with their guide and Hawaiian native, Kindy Sproat. We met Kindy earlier, along with his wife Cheri and godson Josh. Kindy's been talking about the valley's history and the threat to its future. We rejoin the group now to continue our glimpse into Hawaiian culture and learn some of the meaning behind the usual trappings of a Hawaiian vacation.

Escape From America
With the world being wired as it is, it's not easy to completely immerse yourself in another culture these days. The Savvy Traveler's Jesse Kalisher thought he'd avoid America for a while by traveling through Southeast Asia for a couple of months. He says he didn't see a lot of American people, but American influence wasn't so easy to escape.

Interview: The Real Hawaii
Rudy talks with Hal Cannon and Teresa Jordan of The Open Road about their trip to Hawaii.

Deal of the Week
The Platinum American Express Card

Question of the Week
Authentic Travel Experiences

Travelers' Aid
Airline Upgrades

Rudy's View
Immersion in a foreign culture

Next Week
We'll be back to cover the map next week when we see Scotland through the eyes of a native as he travels the countryside with the postman. And right here at home we visit the very first motel ever created. Would you believe it's still around? Check it out during next week's journey with The Savvy Traveler.

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