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Rundown for the Week of March 11, 2000

Adventure Travel via the Internet
If you've got a courageous spirit, you might want to try a little cybertravel. Now, even the most reluctant traveler can experience all sorts of high risk escapades simply by logging on to a computer. The Savvy Traveler's Pippin Ross explores the growing trend of internet adventure travel

Bad Taste Tour: The Sewers of Paris
On the surface, Paris seems like the grandest place on earth, the arts, fine dining, lingering discussions at sidewalk cafes...But if you go a little deeper...underneath the city of lights...you could be put off by what you encounter.

Dangerous Tuscany?
We've heard stories of the worst drivers in the world. Manilla, St. Petersburg, Kuwait but Tuscany? The Savvy Traveler's Russ Thiebault and Liz Bulkley seem to think so.

Intergenerational Travel: An Interview with Helena Koenig
Investigating the trend toward intergenerational travel -- grandparents showing their grandkids the world.

Greyhound Postcard
Todd Melby talks about the time he traveled from Minnesota to North Dakota by bus. The trip with his children was one of his most memorable.

Deal of the Week
Disney at a Discount

Question of the Week
Worst Drivers

Travelers' Aid

Rudy's View
A Lifeline for Nigerians

Culture Watch
New Orleans Literary Festival

Next Week
We're off to a place where things are much more civilized and you're expected to drive by the rules: London, England, where the locals find their newest addition very underwhelming.

"Our philosophy is that if you expect something to be rubbish and it is, then at least you have the satisfaction of knowing you were right."

Find out why the Brits are disappointed with their very own Millennium Dome. We'll hear your stories of spring break vacations. And what do you do in China if you don't know the box-step?

"One dancer smiled at us and, summoning all her English said, 'All China like this, we dance.' A tall elegant man appeared before me, his arms out in silent invitation and I waltzed right into them."

Just a typical morning in Beijing...that and more, so come along for the ride during next week's journey with the Savvy Traveler.

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