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New Orleans Literary Festival

New Orleans Literary Festival
March 11, 2000

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Rudy: Now there's a film that inspires a trip to New Orleans, A Streetcar Named Desire, written by that saucy southerner Tennessee Williams. The Big Easy has been so influenced by its distinguished son, that every year it pays tribute with a literary festival. Michelle Kholos has the details.


Michelle: Well, everyone knows that New Orleans is a treat for the senses...but with this festival it's a feast for the mind as well. First, the French Quarter Literary Conference -- a chance for aspiring novelists and playwrights, to pick the minds of essayists like Andrei Codrescu and film critics like Rick Barton and Joanna Leake. And that's just the first day. There are also sessions on the business of writing, like how to get a literary agent.

Rudy: So in other words, we're going to lose half our staff to this conference, because, after all, what public radio journalist doesn't have some half-finished novel tucked in the back of a file cabinet somewhere.

Michelle: True! There's also a number of readings and performances of Tennessee Williams' most famous works.

Rudy: Lots of southern culture rolled into this festival, I'd imagine. Anything particularly fitting with the New Orleans scene?

Michelle: Well, there is a planned discussion on Bad Girls which, of course, New Orleans has had plenty of -- scandalous women like Blanche Dubois -- who break the rules and capture everyone's imaginations. Then one of the big events every year is the Stanley and Stella Shouting Contest! You can catch the French Quarter Literary Conference, March 22-26.


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