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The Beauty of a Bike Adventure

Dear Savvy Traveler

I just listened to "Season of the Bike" and really enjoyed it. I could totally relate to everything, but my mind was on riding bicycles instead of motorcycles. My husband and I have taken bike trips with our two teenage boys every year, camping along the way, both here in the US and in Europe. The Savvy Traveler story captured the true essence of riding in open spaces, smelling the fresh-cut hay, feeling the cooler temperatures in the low spots, hearing the cow bells way off in the distance. Thank you.

People always ask us why. Why would traveling by bicycle (or motorcycle) be that appealing? We, too, came to the realization that every one of our senses is touched. We remember EVERY little detail of our bicycle trips but virtually nothing about the trips to Disneyland.

Thanks again for the story. It was inspiring. I better go put more air in my tires and hit the road.

Jan Anchorage, Alaska



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