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Plane Pests: Coping With Unruly Kids


I have to take exception to your comment about the woman who refused to give up her seat to a child having a temper tantrum. What were the PARENTS doing to stop the tantrum? NOTHING! What they were doing was reinforcing their kid's bad behavior, expecting everyone to just accommodate their little darling.

I am sick to death of children who are allowed to scream, yell and run around in inappropriate places, i.e., movies, libraries, restaurants, airplanes. The parents expect the people around them to endure the behavior because it's just the way kids behave. Not true. Kids will behave appropriately if Mom and Dad demand appropriate behavior. Parents need to stop what they're doing and discipline the child.

Travel is tiring for all concerned. But children who throw tantrums in public do so because they know it will get them what they want. The parent who puts a misbehaving child in her seat, fastens her seatbelt and doesn't cater to outbursts will teach the child that throwing a fit gets her nowhere.

Off the soapbox now, but you really punched a button.




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