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Airline Customer Service LIVES!

Dear Rudy,

I hear so many complaints about airline travel, I'd like to share a good experience for a change.

I was returning from China last May, traveling from Shanghai to Seoul on Asiana Airlines, then on to Tokyo and Minneapolis on Northwest. I had purchased two large scroll paintings in Shanghai and carefully shepherded them from place to place for a week. But then in Seoul, I accidentally left them in the Asiana waiting lounge, and didn't realize it until we landed in Tokyo. The agent at the Northwest desk at Narita sent a query back to Seoul, but said I shouldn't get my hopes up.

After two weeks back home with no scrolls, I had resigned myself that she was right. They were lost. But then I got a call from Asiana. They had found the scrolls and were sending them to me. Four days later they arrived in Fargo in perfect shape.

Asiana didn't have to bother returning the scrolls to me. After all, I had not checked or insured them, nor even left them on a plane. I just left them sitting in the airport. I give a tip of the hat to the people at Asiana Airlines.




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