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The Salzburg Sound of Music Tour

I heard Cash Peter's comments on Sunday, April 23 about the alleged tackiness of the "Sound of Music" tour in Salzburg, Austria. Cash was wrong on several points.

First, the Sound of Music tour is not taken just because people think the salt mine tours are boring. I went on both tours while in Salzburg last summer and found both interesting. Learning that the importance of salt in this area goes back to pre-Roman times helps you understand why this area grew to have a central role in Europe's development.

Second, the Sound of Music tour isn't just a favorite of Americans. Our bus had a good number of Japanese, English, and other Europeans who wanted to see the movie sites. Our tour guide, who was Austrian, not only gave us the movie background, but also helped us understand historical, political, cultural aspects of the area as well. The trip to Mondsee to see the wedding church was unexpectedly one of the best parts of the trip. The scenery of mountain lakes along the way was magnificent, and the local beer with a sausage platter for lunch on the town square was equally memorable.

I highly recommend the Sound of Music tour for anyone going to Salzburg. And by the way, Cash neglected to mention the concerts in the prince's room at the top of the Salzburg fortress. This is easily one of the best music deals in Salzburg, one of the few affordable venues with available tickets during the Salzburg Festival, with a stunning view thrown in for free.

Gurnee, Illinois


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