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Sound of Music Tour

Dear Rudy,

I just had to laugh after listening to the Sound of Music Tour segment aired last Saturday. Fifteen years after taking this same tour with my husband, he still teases me about it. (Of course I was the one who insisted we join this bus ride in and around Salzburg).

I wouldn't exactly call the tour tasteless, just a little kitschy. However, for those travelers spending just a day or two in this town, it actually provided a pleasant overview of the area. Unfortunately, the tour was marred by the loud, off-key singing of a group of Australian girls who insisted on singing along with all the Sound of Music tunes piped in overhead on the bus. Coincidentally, these same girls seemed to mysteriously reappear on the rest of our travels throughout Europe, including our ferry boat ride from Brindisi, Italy to Greece.

Portland, Oregon


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