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The Sound of Music Tour

I don't know whether taking the Sound of Music tour in Salzburg is cheesy or not, but I do know that for a good friend and me, college students in 1984, visiting the sights of the famous musical was, ironically, like a visit home.

The tour conjured fond memories of watching the movie and singing the songs on holiday evenings with family and friends and, for the first time in months, we felt quintessentially American.

It was on that Sound of Music tour that we learned something interesting about Americans abroad. Because we were traveling in winter, we usually encountered more Australian students than Americans in the youth hostels and trains across Europe. But on the Sound of Music tour bus we found one other American, and immediately began exchanging news from home, and discovering friends and acquaintances we had in common. Hearing our conversation, a clearly exasperated Australian about our age commented, "It's amazing--whenever Americans meet in Europe, they ALWAYS seem to know each other! I thought America was such a big country!"

Needless to say, I'd recommend the Sound of Music tour to anyone looking for some fun and a whimsical afternoon.




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