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Belly Dancing

Oh how I love your program. As an avid traveler myself, the Savvy Traveler lets us revisit our favorite spots and entices us to travel further.

With an MA in Middle East Studies and a second MA in dance education (also a dancer, choreographer and instructor myself.) Nothing remains of Pharonic Egyptian dances in any form. History has proven that many people from many places have made Egypt their home, and no accurate record of ancient Egyptian dance remains, only conjecture.

There are many Orientalist sources available on the topic of belly dance which have romanticized a folk tradition and turned it into a commercial venture which does not compliment Egyptian culture. (See Malek Alloula's book Colonial Harem for the Algerian take on this topic).

As an officer with the Arab Anti-defamation League, noted broadcaster, Kasey Kasim said that Arabs are always faced with the negative image as "Billionaires, bombers and belly dancers". You know that Egypt has much more to offer. The dress, music and movements have been denigrated for the sake of commercialism, at the expense of decent Egyptian/Arab/Middle Eastern women's reputation. While the Islamic Fundamentalists may seem severe, on this point I must agree, this dance is degrading to women in general and doesn't show the inner power of women, but rather the power we all know is in sexual/sensual excitement - not altogether healthy in the end.

Thanks for letting me share this information and my opinion.




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