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Working on the Holidays

Dear Rudy,

I was listening when you applauded all us folk who work holidays.

I have an in-home pet-care business, so I am one of the folks who is home for every holiday, walking the dogs, feeding the cats, and taking good care of the family pets while the owners are cruising or camping or touring the sites overseas. Thanks for thinking of us!

I'll be out at 5:30 on Christmas morning this year and my last visit on that day will be to put two dogs to bed at 10 p.m. However, this is the first year that I'll get to spend New Year's eve at home! Nobody is traveling!

Everybody returns by 12/28 and I have no more bookings until after the first of the year! Those empty hotel rooms and under-booked planes are for real. Folks are staying home! I'll enjoy it. I won't get another New Year's Eve off for 999 more years, after all...

Happy holidays!




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