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Sail Away Contest

Finalist for the week of September 29

The Savvy Traveler's Sail Away Contest

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If you could travel anywhere in the world, anywhere in time, where would you go? We've already received some terrific essays, stories of summer nights past in Minnesota, the Scottish Highlands in the 1800s, dreams of going on safari with Teddy Roosevelt. Now, the deadline is looming in the near future, but Gary Frederick, from Warrenton, Virginia surprised us with his answer and secured his spot as this week's finalist. See, most listeners are dreaming back in history, combing over world events to set their itinerary. But Gary had another idea. Here's his essay:

Trip to Future Mars
by Gary Frederick

Imagine being able to fly around mountains three times taller than Mt. Everest, through canyons six times deeper and wider than the Grand Canyon. Imagine underground caverns with waterfalls one mile high. From giant sand dunes to giant volcanoes, Mars makes features of Earth pale by comparison. In 2130, humans will have permanently inhabited the planet for 80 years. Luxurious hotels replace the habitats of the early settlers. Tourist attractions are pristine and protected.

A popular trend on Earth will be to take a one-year sabbatical and travel to Mars aboard a luxurious transport ship with artificial gravity decks. Available for your enjoyment would be low gravity sleeping quarters, low gravity showers, low gravity sports games, telescope observation decks, meals that taste better because of the uniform mixing of juices and heat concentration due to the lack of gravity. Tours cover flights to sightseeing spots on the three highest mountains, flights through the grand canals for a two-night stay on the rim, and lighted underground tours of the mining operations, and balloon rides. Balloons rides and Mars buggies allow patrons to do a little prospecting on their own or just enjoy the dunes and scenery. Having the same landmass as Earth, there will be plenty of new hideaways to discover.

If I were to choose anytime, anywhere, that is were I would like to go; Mars 2130.

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