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Island Getaway Contest

The winner

Winner: Judith Callander
Warren, VT

On that Island with Martha Stewart

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Who else? No time to be bored. No hours spent scanning the horizon for rescue. Never hungry. With Martha extracting palm oil from the trees, creating confections with coconuts and mangoes and then, of course, fashioning festive bowls out of the coconut shells for tasty seaweed soup flavored with wild ginger, garnished with crushed peony petals. We would dine on poulet sauvage and sauces of scavenged eggs served on palm leaf plates.

We would be more than hunters and gatherers. We would be decorators! A shanty out of driftwood and beach debris is just that--a shanty. With Martha's skills we would have a shady retreat, a loggia, sheltered by a trellis of vines and creeping hibiscus, carpeted with fragrant grass woven mats.

And baskets! With all those grasses, reeds and vines we would really keep busy. Martha not only would inspire me to learn basket-making but to fill them with treasures. Sea turtle eggs colored and decorated with dyes from crushed saffron seeds, agenta from berries, greens from ferns. Coasters made of braided mosses and reeds. Necklaces of polished stones. Napkin rings from shells.

On that day when we are sighted by a passing ship and rescued we would have gifts for everyone and, more important, proof that we didn't spend any idle time in self-pity.

And I would hope to have a hand in Martha's next book project: "Island Makeover--101 Ways."


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