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Get Away to Paradise

This time of year, we close our eyes and imagine white sandy beaches with warm coastal breezes, right? Well, what you're imagining is exactly what you can find on the little known Turks and Caicos Islands in the British West Indies. Our host Rudy Maxa not only investigates, but tells us how you can win an all-expenses-paid vacation there. Find out about The Savvy Traveler's Tropical Island Getaway.

Rudy's Prowl: Get Away to Paradise
by Rudy Maxa

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Have you ever noticed that there are certain periods during the year when the general public psyche seems to be inextricably tied to the weather?

Complainer #1: "It's the waning days of winter."

Complainer #2: "It's cold, it's rainy and it's wet."

Complainer #3: "Kind of nasty out there, you know."

Complainer #4: "Just plain miserable. Pouring rain and I stood on a street corner trying to get a cab and only to get drenched completely."

Complainer #5: "I know it rained all day where I was."

Complainer #6: "Cold and wet, I don't like it. I like it warm."

I think we all like it warm this time of year. We close our eyes to the April showers and, instead, imagine white sandy beaches with warm coastal breezes, right? Well, what you're imagining is exactly what you can find on the little known Turks and Caicos Islands in the British West Indies. Located just south of the Bahamas, about an hour's flight from Miami, this little chain of seven islands is remarkably accessible, yet still not well known.

Mike: "I'd heard of Turks and Caicos, although almost nobody else had at that time."

Mike Witt is a former aeronautical engineer whose work took him around the world for 22 years until 1991 when he decided it was time to find the perfect place and just settle down.

Mike: "We were traveling around by plane and I saw this remarkable beautiful coastline here. And also the people were very, very, very friendly. And we just felt good here."

On the island of Middle Caicos, Mike, his wife, and mother found 2,200 feet of unclaimed pristine beach and 50 acres of land where they decided to build the Blue Horizon Resort.

Mike: "There was nothing here on this land when we arrived in '91. And it took about three years to actually put in roads, put in underground utilities and build the buildings."

Rudy: "And you're situated on a bluff?"

Mike: "That's right, the bluffs are about 50 feet high and then they lead down to a beach with a cove that's protected by a series of rocks that's called Dragon Key. It looks like a dragon from the shoreline."

It's the setting of one of the most beautiful and unknown beaches in the world. Stay in one of the several cottages on Mike's place, and you pretty much have the beach to yourself. You can snorkel, fish, or just laze around all day. And if you want to see some other parts of the mostly empty island, you can always get a guided tour.

Cardinal: "My name is Cardinal Arthur. I was born on Middle Caicos. And I give people tours. I always like to take 'em to the caves. You have the apple trees and the fig trees and they all have roots comin' down from the top and it's beautiful you know?"

Mike: "It's a peaceful place. And it's good just to enjoy nature, to walk, to contemplate. It's a good life here."

If that kind of unspoiled paradise sounds appealing, I have a contest for you. We'd like to fly you and a friend on American Airlines to Middle Caicos Island for a free week's stay at the Blue Horizon Resort. You can go anytime until April 2001, subject to availability.

Interested? Head over to The Savvy Traveler Island Getaway Contest for details or to enter.

Get that pen and paper out! We're waiting to hear from you!


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