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Island Getaway Contest

The Savvy Traveler's
Island Getaway Contest

The deadline has passed and the entries are in. Unfortunately, many of those Savvy listeners waited until the last minute to send us their essays so we're still sifting through them all. We've received over 500 entries, ranging from Martha Stewart to husbands and wives to Sheherazade to Jesus of Nazareth.

You can hear the finalists on May 12th when our host Rudy Maxa and Lonely Planet founder Tony Wheeler get together to make the final cut. Right now, Tony's taking all those essays on walkabout and is pondering the gravity of this challenge in the Australian outback. Will your masterpiece be the ticket that gets you and a lucky guest to the tropical paradise that is the Turks and Caicos? Listen in and find out.

Until then, best wishes and happy trails. Get your passport handy and keep those fingers crossed.

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