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Rundown for the Week of August 3, 2001

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Hit the Road by Elizabeth Meister
Did you see "Thelma and Louise"? Susan Sarandon and Geena Davis galavanted across the country on the lam in a big, cushy convertible. Well, I want to introduce you to our own Thelma and Louise duo now. They aren't criminals but they are magnets for wild adventure. And their escapades on the road inspired them to change their careers and open a one-of-a-kind store in Chicago. Our reporter Elizabeth Meister caught up with these two Road Trip afficionados.

Boondocking at Wal-Mart by Susan Burton
Now, we join a camping trip in a somewhat surprising location. These people stock their RV's, as normal. They park out under the stars, as normal. But the earth beneath their wheels is not quite earth. Reporter Susan Burton lets us in on the new rage in - well, I guess it's still camping. We're heading out to big-sky country, Montana, for some boondocking.

Gutsy Woman - Mary Beth Bond
In her book "Gutsy Women," author Mary Beth Bond gave advice for women who travel alone. Her book was so well received that she's followed it up with a second addition with updated travel hints entitled "Gutsy Women: More Travel Tips" and Wisdom for the Road. By next year, 50 percent of all business travelers will be women so I sat down to ask Mary Beth if there was any place she thought even gutsy women shouldn't go.

Holdups Far From Home by Tony Kahn and John Hoult
Tony Kahn and John Hoult recount some harrowing holdup experiences they had while on vacation.

Hank's Crime Drama by Hank Rosenfeld
Now, we've heard about being the victim of a crime, but what about being a victim of the criminal system? Performance artist Hank Rosenfeld is the kind of guy whose life sounds like a Hemingway short story...or maybe a Hunter S. Thompson creation. Hank's always mixing it up with unsavory characters and winding up in sticky situations...like this one.

Diana's View
Relishing the Unpredictable

Question of the Week
Crime on the Road

Deal of the Week
8 Days in Bali for $999

Travelers' Aid
When Travel Brochures Lie

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