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Rundown for the Week of April 27, 2001

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Bologna Underground by Jeff Biggers
Bologna lies a little off the beaten Rome-Florence-Venice tourist track. Those who do visit, though, find an enchanting medieval city center with famous towers, porticoes and beautiful gothic brick buildings. Called la Bologna grassa and la Bologna grossa, the city is renown for its rich food, bourgeois burghers, and, oddly enough as heartland of the Italian communist party. Visitors discover a city rich in culture, and history and a café and bar scene that's hard to leave. Our reporter, Jeff Biggers, managed to tear himself away from digging in at Bologna's tables and for a local treasure that requires a different kind of digging to find.

Traveling With Kids in Washington, DC by Pippen Ross
When reporter Pippin Ross was a young girl, her parents took her and her best friend on a trip to Washington, D.C. Her memories of the nation's capital have always provided a graceful backdrop to her most cynical feelings about government. She recently took her son and his best friend to Washington, D.C. and saw that all the grandeur and history still have a profound impact.

Postcard: Hold That Seat! by Jim Bogan
Contributor Jim Bogan recounts a tale of horror, ingenuity...and neckwear!

Road to Jaipur by Rudy Maxa
Rudy's recent trip to India elucidated and confirmed what others had told him - that India is a place of remarkable contrasts. His story illustrates how he and his group of writer-companions witnessed poverty, heat, violence, and paradise all in one day!

Rudy's View
Extreme India

Question of the Week
We recount some of your taxi tales, and ask you about your travels with Mom.

Deal of the Week
TWA's Last Gasp

Travelers' Aid
Airline Strike Updates, More on Hoof and Mouth in the UK, and Space Tourism

We read your letters to us!

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